Trio Metal Technology


Guangzhou Trio Metal Technology Co., Ltd is in the market for professional metal special-shaped Wire rods. The measurement area is around 20,000㎡ and has nearly 200 employees. Trio-Metal has been nominated supplier in domestic for one of the most famous mobile phone brand.

With rich experience and development technology in mobile phone structures, products which made by Trio-Metal are applied in middle-end and high-end television or display market. Through rolling and drawing technology, special-shaped metal’s tolerance between -0.02MM to +0.02MM can be reached. Moreover, Special-shaped metal wire is beneficial to improve the working rate of CNC, save raw material and simplified working process.

     Focusing on market, special-shaped metal wire rods can be widely used in mobile phone, consumer electronic parts, television etc. We do believe that metal wire and bars can be widely serviced in more and more areas.


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